Figure skating is a very beautiful world that we try to show to our students.

First of all, it is an opportunity to improve your health, develop a thick skin, become more passionate and stronger, improve willpower and self-sufficiency. Also, that’s an opportunity to have a hobby that you can do alone and with your friends and parents.
Secondly, it’s an opportunity to participate in competitions from a very young age and feel the spirit of rivalry that builds confidence in your skills. It also develops the ability to perform in front of a large audience and not to get scared, and the power to keep on going, even if everything fails. Thirdly, it is a great opportunity to travel, because competitions are held all over the world and are open to figure skaters. For example, at an appropriate age, it is possible to take part in JGP (Junior Grand Prix) international stages at ISU competitions.

Participation in competitions helps skaters expand their horizon, get acquainted with other skaters and establish new contacts.

Figure skating is useful throughout the lifetime because at the end of an active career it is possible to take part in figure skating shows that travel all over the world or keep it as a hobby or start to participate in senior competitions that take place on a regular basis. Figure skaters can specialize not only in singles but also in couples and synchronized skating.

Our club coaches try to find an individual approach for each student, so if they want to, they can take part in both Latvian and international figure skating competitions.

We take into account the goals of each participant since all students start figure skating wish / can do it professionally, for example, others need skating to improve their health (asthmatic children, children who often catch a cold). Others want to engage in figure skating for their pleasure and well-being.

Dear parents!

If you want to see your child grow up to be an athlete, and have a good immune system, if you want to enjoy the beautiful performances of your child, support him in different competitions, you have to find him a good team, where everyone is like a big family.
If you want to teach your child good values like a great work ethic, perseverance, endurance, the courage to perform in front of a large audience. If you want to make his life much more interesting and colourful. Teach him skills that can be applied for the rest of his life, then join our friendly team at OZO Skating Club, where, under the guidance of professional trainers, we will provide the opportunity to train, learn all the basics and tricks of figure skating. We’ll give them the opportunity to participate and enter competitions, we will raise a person parents can be proud of.