Figure Skating

How to choose skates for figure skating?

Important part of figure skating equipment – choosing your skates

For beginners

One of the biggest challenges for beginners is choosing the right skates for themselves or for their children. Often, people don’t research the subject enough, so they buy plastic boots with an inappropriate blade or thin boots that bend and tend to break at the first load. Thus, not only you overpay, but also can’t reach the expected results, as the skater cannot properly train and master the elements of figure skating with inappropriate boots and blades. It should be noted, however, that different scenarios have been seen – from the purchase of skates in Maxima to buying the most expensive and high-quality skates with the best boots and blades for a complete beginner, that are meant for skilled professionals that take part in European and World Figure Skating competitions. As per usual, the truth is somewhere in between.


For those who have never encountered with this sport before. We suggest going to a figure skating shop in Riga. There are two of them – located in the VOLVO hall in Imanta and Liepaja street 7 in Āgenskalns. Ask the figure skating club’s coaches for advice about the most suitable boot and blade models. The simpler the model the cheaper the skates. It is possible to buy a ready-made kit, that is the boot and the blade that has already been screwed in. Most likely with the factory’s refinement, which facilitates the start of learning how to skate. Higher quality boots and blades are sold separately because the skater chooses the most suitable model for both of them.


More in detail about the models of figure skating boots, I will name a few:

  • Jackson skates,
  • Risport skates,
  • GAM skates,
  • Riedell skates,
  • Edea skates ,
  • GRAF,
  • etc.

These would be the most popular among figure skaters. Each of these models has different options – hardness (the better the athlete, the harder and more complicated the boot). One has to follow the level of a certain skater – if he is a beginner than simple skates will be enough, if he is more professional and with better skills, then skates should be higher quality.


Similarly, you choose the blade for your skates. There are several types of skate blades, for example: Jackson Ultima, MK, Paramount, John Wilson, etc., which further provides different blade types for different athlete requirements. Here, choosing should be based on the skills of the skater. There are blades that are suited to beginner requirements, steps, simple jumps or blades that are suitable for double jumps and more sophisticated spins. There are also blades for triple jumps, third and fourth lever pirouettes. So choose based on your skills and requirements.


There are situations in which parents, aspiring to save money and taking into account the fact that the child’s foot tends to grow fast, they buy boots even two sizes larger than needed. It is not right! The skate should be well fitted, but in big boot child’s leg will be wobbly. The child will be uncomfortable and the expected results will not be reached. Used skates that do not have a worn out boot and blade and is well taken care of, can be sold to someone else. It is a better way to save money in order to purchase the necessary model at a lower price.