The date for OZO club’s competition is announced and we welcome all participants. This year on the 8th and 9th of December, in Ozolnieki, OZO ice hall, we will gather both beginner level and experienced skaters from various cities in Latvia for the International Figure Skating Championship “Ozo Winter Cup 2018”.

Everyone is determined to prepare and their best in the competition. The OZO Hall opens the door on the 8th of December at 9:30 so that participants, who have not already done so, can register their membership.

Parents and other supporters are encouraged to actively support, thus motivating new entrants, as the performance of many participants will be their first professional challenge.

All participants, their parents and supporters will be welcomed. This is one of Latvia’s best ice halls with good ice quality and a unique atmosphere, it gives the opportunity to get positive emotions for all its visitors.

We look forward to seeing all of you, the entrance is free!

OZO Figure Skating Club

Application forms and technical rules can be found here!


Contact information:
+371 29490345