summer figure skating camp

Professional trainers, versatile workouts, exciting activities!

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We invite you to apply for the summer camp

Invites you to join us in our summer figure skating camps
I camp 24.06 – 6.07.2019
II camp 12.08-24.08.2019

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Goals for the camp

  • The athletes general improvement of physical characteristics such as endurance, strength, agility, flexibility, speed as well as posture.
  • The athletes development of will, responsibility, helpsullness and also to be hard working and social in between his peers
  • Skating skill and step improvement
  • Learning jumps: single, double, tripple, jump combinations, correct technique.
  • Learning pirouettes: from base level up to 3. and 4. level of complexity

If necessary, it is possible to prepare programs for the new 2019/2020 season and to invite a choreographer as well as individual trainings.

Schedule of the trainings

The daily schedule includes 3 h ice workouts (2h on Wednesdays). Each workout lasts 1h. Every day also 1h choreography and 1h dry training.

Camp training schedule includes 14 ice drills a week or 28 ice drills in two weeks and outside ice drills – General Physical Training, Special Physical Training, Choreography, Lonza – Grouping and Jumping Techniques. Workouts will take place on weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

On weekends, the participants have the opportunity to go home (for local skiers) or stay on the spot and relax at Lake Ozolnieki and go on excursions to see the most beautiful places in Latvia.

Where to stay

Summer Camp participants can stay during the Camp at Ozolnieku Sporta Center, which is situated in the same building, where the Ice Hall OZO is.

Overnight stay: Summer camp participants have the opportunity to stay at the Ozolnieki Sports Center Hotel, LLKC Hostel or Hotel Agate. If necessary, a bus will be provided to drive athletes from Piņķi Music School (1st grade), Jelgava bypass (2nd district) to Ozolnieki Sports Center (3rd district).


Camp participation fee of 400 Eur for one week, 650 Eur for two weeks. (Price includes meals)

Registration for Summer camp No. I until 31.May, No. II until 20.July. Advanced Payment 100 EUR should be paid upon the end of the end of registrations deadline (cash or banks pmt) and will be counted in total payment amount. In the case of not arriving, advance payment will not be refunded.

Contacts –  [email protected] Phone number. +37129490345

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