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11.02.2017 - 12.02.2017 Olafa ozolnieku Cup 2017

This year, 2017, 11 and 12 February Ozolniekos OZO ice hall and OZO figure skating club again invite small and large figure skaters from different places on the Latvian competition "Olafa Ozolnieku Cup 2017".

The competition program is intended for the youngest skaters starts with the element of programs, A and B groups and more experienced participants with their race programs in different categories, ranging from Pre-Chicks, Chicks, Cubs, etc. group to the junior age groups.

Ozo hall hospitably greeted by all: both riders and their fans and supporters. This is one of the best Latvian ice halls with good ice quality and uniquely pleasant atmosphere, it makes it possible to get positive emotions for all its visitors.


We are happy to look forward to all the spectators!

OZO Figure Skating Club


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