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06.02.2016 Olaf Ozolnieku Cup 2016

This year, on February 6, 2016 Ozolnieki OZO ice hall will bring together small and larger figure skaters from different places on the Latvian competition "Olav's Cup 2016".
Participation in the competition have already confirmed sportsmen from Daugavpils, Ogre, Valmiera, Riga, Jurmala and other Latvian figure skating clubs.
Although out of the rapidly changing weather is a big challenge for new skaters strength, but all are committed to prepare and as effectively as possible to participate in competitions. OZO hospitable hall will open its doors from viewers 6.februāra- Saturday morning at. 11:00, when with their element of the program will begin to skate last athletes. As for many it will be the first start of his career athlete, the parents and spectators support would be very nozīmīgs.Ja an athlete's performance is very liking, or you wish to support him after the speech is allowed on the ice as a gift to throw up some soft toys or chocolates. The prize for young athletes to give additional satisfaction and energy for new workouts.
Approximately around 14:00 start program Skating. Here players experience already much higher and consequently the requirements for the higher grades and judges tightened. Viewers will be interesting to watch the various athletes and interesting programs to see how well sportits feel the music and how music is able to portray the character in their performances.
It should be noted that the entrance is free and the end of the race around around noon. 20:00 ustāsies daiļslidotājs from Liepaja Deniss Kargin, who has cerebral palsy, but who has overcome himself and skate and has its own program!

We are happy to look forward to all the spectators!
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