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Lesson diversity.

We offer both subscription-learning training sessions as well as a lump sum. Training sessions consisting of two workouts (training and training on the ice on a dry surface).

Requires subscription club systematic training attendance as common training children learn skating pamatvingrinājumus is further athlete development foundation.

Extension and individual activities play an important role in the preparation of the athlete. Large individual workouts plus lies in the fact that the coach may draw particular attention to one athlete that makes the workout more productive.

Our club figure skater figure skating schedule includes all disciplines that are necessary for a true athlete's physical development and growth: training on the ice, general physical preparation, special physical preparation, choreography.


10.00 €
Single session on the iceSingle session on the ice20.00 €

The correct figure skating training technique

Figure skating training with the Russian technology. Riga Figure skating school are adopted children from 3 three years of age. The correct methodology for figure skating training figure skating club OZO contribute to accelerate the training process, the children create interest towards the sport and has made the children happy.

Our sports club specialists developed a unique training technology that allows you to learn the elements of figure skating in the shortest amount of time

Exactly club training sessions students learn during jumps. We try to make it to training to give joy and love, because it only complicated things become simple.

In our club you can get a full workout complex, which includes training on dry surfaces on ice training, choreography, as well as participation in sports training camps and training camp.