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The documents for figure skaters

OZO Figure Skating Club - documents, figure skating regulations, as well as questionnaires and the club's internal rules. Easy and fast access to documents - easy to find and hard to lose!
Club documents, documents with the new scoring system rules - ISU figure skating competition rules, documents, figure skaters and their parents to the club's website. If you decide to bring your child to figure skating club OZO, then here you can advance to meet with the club's internal rules and figure skater to complete a questionnaire.
Club figure skater - beginner questionnaire can bring to the next workout or sent to us by post


Communication No. 1961. August 1, 2015.


List of Referees, Judges, Technical Controllers, Technical Specialists, Data & Replay Operators season 2015/16 for Single & Pair Skating, Ice Dance and Synchronized Skating

Communication No. 1944 season 2015 - 2016


Communication No. 1944 SINGLE & PAIR SKATING Scale of Values, Levels of Difficulty and Guidelines for marking Grade of Execution, season 2015 - 2016

Technical Panel Handbook Single Skating 2016/2017


ISU Judging System. Technical Panel Handbook Single Skating 2016/2017.

«OZO Figure skating club


«OZO Figure Skating Club» form figure skaters. Athlete form requires the athlete to the primary data and to become familiar with the candidates for contact information. After the questionnaire, please send it to annex to the letter to the e-mail address: