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  • Jelena Garkušina


    ... All life Jelena live as one - figure skating. For seven years, sport occupies a large part of her time - off ice training, adaptation is, different cities, demonstrations ... someone maybe they are usually words, but they Jelena is an objective stimulus and sapnis.Sajūtas which you sense of putting on ice understand only one who like sports are an integral part of life ... Gran Prix Kuršaveli time is their most outstanding iespaidi..Jeļena has gained much experience in the competition, she had multiple champion Latvian dances on ice, an international race member, participated in the ice show programs all over the world . It was not easy to live and train abroad - in Germany and St. Petersburg. It was sāpīga.treneru change ... but this only made her stronger and closer to the goal. In 2010, Elena began Trenet. She wants to pass on their experience and will be happy if one of her students formed in ice on the meaning of life ...

    Jelena Garkušina
  • Ieva Pujāte

    Club Director

    «OZO Figure Skating Club" founder. Associated with figure skating since childhood and its practicing and following the development of the Latvian figure skating and the world. Really like the sport, so it decided to promote it more Latvian and nurture young athletes. The two daughters also practicing figure skating from 6 years.

    In addition to the Latvian State University and the School of Business Administration acquired specialties in sports physiology and in law, obtained a category C trainer certificate. Hottest desire that all children grow up to be the club's active, responsive, sincere, insist to nenobītos of difficulties and strive after uzvarām- smaller or larger both in sports and in life!

    Ieva Pujāte
  • Diana Gara


    From 6 years of age engaged in figure skating. Single reached good results, competed and won a lot of experience. Currently we skate Latvian synchronous skating team and take part in international competitions, as well as the World Championships.

    Diane holds Jelgava vocational training figure skating sports school. Diana wants to continue to develop their knowledge and skills in this sport and teach their young students.

    Diana Gara
  • Denis Balandin


    Russian Figure Skating sports master Coaches: Ekaterina Patlasova, Victor Kudrjavcev

    Training: Moscow Olympic Team training institution No. 2 

    Junior Grand Prix winner of the Russian competition, the Russian Cup finalist.

      Junior Grand Prix participant, the World Junior Championship

    participant, the Russian championship, the Winter Universiade participant.Ice Shows: Russian Ice Stars, Imperial Ice Stars

    Soloist ice shows: Holliday on Ice, Royal Caribbean

    Denis Balandin

Figure skating school

Official figure skating club OZO birthday is June 25, 2013. Figure skating club founded Eve Pujāte with ice rink OZO (Ozolnieki) and INBOX (Riga District Pinki) management support to their base in the courses. Club students regularly shows itself in competition by demonstrating a good level of ice. To a large extent so quickly following progress was achieved thanks to the qualifications of trainers, among whom, along with the founders, Elena Garkušina, multiple champion Latvian dances on ice, and other talented teachers.

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Interesting lessons

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Figure skating

OZO figure skating school children door is always open to people of all ages: from pre-school age children, who have never uzāvuši skates, to sportsmen-juniors.
The club takes figure skating lessons for children with different level of training and a different look in the future:

Our club was founded with the aim to promote the Latvian figure skating. To achieve this objective, all these years in a friendly professional team of trainers engaged in the training of young athletes.
Our students actively participate in various competitions, including international, taking prize-winning places. The club also teaches those who simply want to learn the basics of figure skating because it is a wonderful activity for both adults and children.