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Figure skating Ozolnieki and Riga at Latvia. Figure skating club For

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Figure skating

Figure skating with skates is the most beautiful sport, so it's no wonder that many parents choose exactly what their children. Children's figure skating school Figure skating groups take children from 3 three years of age. Someone sends a child to figure skating section of Riga, dreaming raise a champion, someone else will simply provide baby regular exercise and at the same time give new impressions and sport skills that will stay for life. OZO ice rink and is located 40 km from the capital, Ozolnieki (Jelgava suburb), but training takes place in Riga district, Pinki village. Classes are led by experienced trainers who can find access to - "access key to" - each baby to discover his abilities and cultivate love for the sport.


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Or figure skating child is helpful?

OZO Figure Skating Club - Riga figure skating sports club for children Riga and Ozolnieki. As with any sport, including figure skating are contraindications - they are of the locomotor system disorders, head trauma and other serious health problems. Before applying the need to undergo medical examination, and if the doctor gives permission, the effect will certainly be positive.

The risk of injury to the ice skating rink is not greater than, for example, playing volleyball or jumping into the water. Sports club coaches teach kids not only stay on the ice, but also the right to fall, but classes also cater for students' safety.

But the more diligently, and we tried to achieve success in sport, the less time we postponed the show organization. But our leading athletes' results show that we are on the right track!